When in Rome…

Rome was AMAZING. If anything go to this place. Everything is so good and historical, everything I looked at felt like it was important! I met with fashion designers such as Fondazione Micol Fontana and talked about materials, sketches, inspiration, and craftsmanship. It felt so cool talking to someone who spent their whole life doing fashion. Its such an inspiration to see people doing what they love to do as a living. It makes me feel that it is possible to pursue a career in fashion. I’m so determined to make a career out of this, I know so many people who judged me for getting this degree, who told me it was stupid and I would be jobless. Looking at other people doing it and talking to them, I know that it is possible and I can do it if I keep working hard.

I also went to Cinecittà which is like Italy’s Hollywood. They make famous movies there like Ben Hur, Cleopatra, and Spaghetti Western movies with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. I also went to the Sistine Chapel and saw Michelangelo’s famous paintings, and the church was cool because it was the year of the Jubilee which means every 15 years you can walk through the church doors and God will forgive you of your sins. I felt really lucky to witness that even if I don’t quite believe in it. Of course I went to the Colosseum and saw so many Roman ruins. I ate carbonara pasta, which is a specialty in Rome. It’s kind of like a cheesy, bacon, egg pasta. It tasted like breakfast. Which I miss American food sometimes being over here for almost half a year.

My next trip was spring break which I will post about later. So many places, so many pictures! Have to sort through them all!

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Pisa to Venice

I don’t think you can live in Italy for 5 months and not see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was incredible, one of the most famous buildings in the world. Almost 300 steps I was able to climb to the very top and over look the entire city. It was very beautiful, although I would definitely only make it a day trip, the town is too small and there isn’t much to do after the tower.

Venice was a day trip too. The underwater city was magical and bright. It amazes me how there is no such thing as a car or bike or something. Everything is just traveled to by big and little boats. I wasn’t allowed to ride in the gondolas because I went by myself and you can only have 6 people in the boat. So that was a big disappointment but oh well. I would definitely recommend coming to both places. Both cities are so beautiful.


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Siena, Milan, Como

Siena, Italy was extremely beautiful, we left Florence to check out this old city. It was built before the Black Plague and a lot of things were affected by it (obviously). They had buildings that were never built, just left forgotten in the streets. They also have this horse race in the city center which

is what Siena is famous for. Also Siena had one of the most beautiful churches that I’ve seen so far in Italy. Pink marble and black strips with decorative floors. Couldn’t believe that was made hundreds and hundreds years ago.

We also went to Milan during Fashion Week which was amazing, although we didn’t get to go to any shows exactly we did see Giorgio Armani’s collection and Prada’s. Milan had such a more modern look to it than what I’ve been used to in Florence. I missed skyscrapers that you see in the city back at home! Milan was a good place to visit. Also Milan had some of the best gelato than any other place I’ve had so far.

Como was also beautiful, we saw the gorgeous lake that apparently lots of American celebrities have summer houses at such as George Clooney! We didn’t see him but we did see a fabric factory which showed how materials for Louis Vuitton and Gucci were made and we saw Fondazoine Antonio Ratti and saw how they make textiles for extremely detailed fabrics.

It was all super interesting to see the other side of the fashion industry. We all know the glamour side, but it is important to know the other side too. How is it made, who makes it, how much does it cost, is it a good investment for the company to produce here, things like that.

I’m so happy I chose to study abroad and have this amazing opportunity to learn about the fashion industry that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.


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Italian adventures!

I’m on a different continent! After a very long flight from Detroit to Amsterdam to Florence, I finally made it to Florence, Italy! I’ve been here since Christmas and I don’t leave till the summer. So far I’ve been adapting to all the different things! I’ve never been out of the country before so this is all new to me. First off, Italy is so beautiful-I’m sure if I have ever been to a place where you constantly want to take photographs of every single thing. Studying fashion is such a breath of fresh air, I’m so happy I’m here learning even more about my industry every day.

The weird things in Italy so far:

  1. No ice in drinks. Everything is room temperature which is weird
  2. The tips are kind of weird because it included in the ticket
  3. They stand when they drink coffee and they only drink cappuccinos in the morning
  4. Speaking of coffee, ordering a drink to go is not common
  5. They take three hour lunch breaks and close at nine
  6. They eat dinner very late
  7. Driving here is crazy. I bet American police would love working here because it would be tickets almost every five second
  8. They don’t have lots of salad dressing if any. (I haven’t found any yet) they just eat olive oil on EVERYTHING. I only use olive oil back at home to cook something
  9. The bread that comes with your meal is NOT free like it is back at home
  10. Refills on your drinks are not free either. How aren’t Italians thirsty all the time?
  11. Water actually costs money
  12. Speaking of which, there are no water fountains to drink from
  13. They think the second floor is really the first floor and the first floor is the ground floor! When I read I had a class on the first floor, it took me forever to find it! haha

I love Italy so much though! It is so beautiful and I won’t ever want to come home! Unless I am coming home for the free refills and bread haha

Always of course you can follow more of my European adventure on my Instagram halley_riviere26 or my Snapchat daily_halley!! You can see more detailed of this crazy experience, like where I accidentally ordered tuna pizza instead of sausage. That was a huge mistake!! And it tasted like cat food. But oh well, I’m still learning how to speak Italian!

Ciao for now,


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FullSizeRender(8) FullSizeRender(9) FullSizeRender(10) FullSizeRender(12) FullSizeRender(6)

leather jacket-Rock and Republic/leather leggings-Jessica Simpson/white converse heels-DSW/black beanie-Candie’s

Ciao, fashion lovers!

In case you don’t know Italian very well or at all (like me), “viaggiare” means journey. Life has been hectic and not to sound so corny but can I say things have been a journey lately? I feel like I’m trying to do everything all at once and I’m crossing my fingers that it all works out.

I just went to my school’s fashion networking night where you are forced to mingle with fashion companies and woo them with your talents and/or skills. Which all sounds great unless you are an introvert like me and the thought of going up to important people and introducing yourself sounds like it will be physically impossible.

Surprisingly, it was not impossible and I actually got business cards and follow ups! Whooo! Sometimes you really have to go outside of your comfort zone and shockingly it doesn’t always go awful. Who knew? (Although my palms were sweating and I felt like throwing up a majority of the time that I was talking to everyone)

Lately all this talk of going into the fashion industry has got me thinking seriously about the path I want to take after I graduate from college. The fashion industry (and every other industry) is quickly adapting with social media obviously on the rise.

And since the fashion industry is changing, customers don’t have a reason to run to the store because we can get everything online without ever leaving our beds or talking to anyone.

So how do you stand out? What can retailers take away from this? What can I do?

Customer service is everything. Make it an experience. Brand yourself.

Who are you and what are people getting out of it? Why should anyone listen to anything you have to say and what do you want others to take away from meeting you?

“A personal brand is the total experience of someone having a relationship with who you are and what you represent as an individual; as a leader. Think about what that means to you. Let it simmer. Ask yourself and then a close friend-what is the total experience of having a relationship with you like?”

Well the 4 things I would want others to experience being my close friend:

  1. I always try to be honest not just with my friends and family but with others too. Obviously saying “I’ll never lie again” is a lie in itself, but I hope that the people around me know that I’m not going to tell them something I don’t believe in or wouldn’t want.
  2. In the same vein, I can be an opinionated person and I enjoy hearing other people’s opinions, thoughts, and what they think. Doesn’t mean we will always agree but I like to hear about it. I hope my friends will know that they can be open with me about their opinions even if I have a completely different one.
  3. Being passionate about something is why you will drag yourself out bed and do something out of your comfort zone. Being passionate is why you try so damn hard not just to be better, but to be the best. Being passionate is why you feel so strongly about something no matter what anyone says. I’m a big believer in expressing yourself and always being curious about everything.
  4. My choices are not your choices and vise versa. The decisions I make are not always going to be something everyone agrees with, but as long as someone stands by your side along the way it will make it all worth it. I’ll always support the people I love to better themselves, because we are all on a journey to discover ourselves.

Who am I?

Well I’m not always sure. I’m awkward and introverted and I really hate sweet tea.

I like to draw, create outfits, read, write, and long car rides (more specifically, I like to look out the windows)

My favorite courses in college right now are Fashion Forecasting and Collaborative Fashion Production. I love learning about all the different techniques that is possible in fashion such going behind the scenes of making clothes. Everyone always pictures some fashion designer whisking away beautiful outfits and someone somewhere somehow produces it. But in Collaborative Fashion Production, we learn not only how to make the garments, but the business behind it. Do you want your business to made in a progressive bundle system or a modular production system? Which one is better, which one can you afford? These are just some of the things you have to think about.

And Fashion Forecasting is all about analyzing the world around you and predicting future trends. Which is a HUGE responsibility because what if you say lime green tank tops will be all the rage and no one buys it? You just lost fashion companies tons of money, broke their profit, and now everyone is stuck with shirts nobody wants to buy. And most likely you will be fired.

I think some people don’t realize how much there is to know about the fashion industry and how most of it is business. You have to know the business and understand it to obviously make money off of it. You also have to understand the brand of the company and the message they convey.

Which goes back to branding yourself and what makes you, you?

Life experiences. Self evaluation. Who I want to be versus who I am.

I’m realizing that if I can really experience what I can right now in college, it will only benefit me later. I could possibly be studying abroad in Italy and I would love to learn international business and European fashion.

Because I would be immersing myself in a different culture, different language, different situations. It would be me actually studying and learning versus a vacation.

The world of fashion? It’s a journey that’s always changing, but let’s try to keep up with it.

Love, Zipporah

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Boho Summer Sunsets

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender(3) FullSizeRender(1)

Navy Blue Dress/Vera Wang  Black chained Hat/Forever 21  Sunglasses/Charlotte Russe Patched Bookbag/Mudd

Hello my fashionistas! This has been a whirlwind of a year!! I had to take a break from blogging from a crazy final semester and then I have been working all summer at DSW! It’s actually such a great job, I’ve learned a lot and I get to spend a majority of my time with beautiful designer shoes. What could possibly be better? Of course, I might have been spending my pay checks buying shoes instead of saving money like the plan was, but as a Fashion major I’m none too surprised at my weak impulses around shoes! 😛

Like I said, I’ve been busy and I have two exciting things to share! One and more importantly for those who follow my blog and social media sites, I have been accepted into an internship! It is by “CollegeFashionista” and I will be writing articles and they will be publishing them on their website! It is a very cool opportunity and a great thing to gain experience from. I’m not quite sure if it will count as college credit because I do actually have to get a college credit internship before I graduate. However, even if this internship doesn’t count, I think it will still be good to do.

In other exciting news, I may be possibly studying abroad in Europe next year! After my internship is over, I will hopefully travel overseas and experience other parts of the world! Of course the process is complicated and I’m not entirely sure if all the chips will fall where they need to be to go. But if I’m lucky enough to move all the way to Europe and live there for a couple months, it’ll be such an amazing opportunity. So cross your fingers that all goes well!

Summer is coming to a close! Can you believe that? I feel like summer just began! It seems like just a few weeks ago I was stressing about my spring final exams and wondering if I could even get a summer job. Luckily all those turned out good, I even got all A’s and B’s!

I love this bohemian dress designed by Vera Wang. It is such a beautiful print with a slit down the middle, it is probably one of my new favorite things in my closet! I’ll be sad when it starts getting cold outside and I will have to retire it till next year. Oh well! Things are happening; I just hope I can keep up with everything!

Stay tuned!

Love, Zipporah

@pictures are part of CollegeFashionista internship

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Leggings are not the problem

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted…


Anyways, I have seen the “Why I choose to no longer wear leggings” blog and you may have seen it floating around the internet as well. And while I don’t want to come across as judgmental, I’m going to throw in my two cents. Since it’s vaguely connected to fashion and whatever have you.

Personally, I think it’s stupid.

This lady talks about no longer wearing an article of clothing because it will “entice” men and her “Christian” ways have made her see the light and the harm it does to men.

Oh poor men. They have to look at women in yoga pants and leggings. The horror.

I like how she went on this whole spiel about not wanting to entice men with leggings but in her photos she has on skinny jeans, makeup, and nice curled hair. Are those not also used to be enticing? I mean, what about those skinny jeans? Those are usually always tight. Jeggings? And if you go there, what about swim suits? Are those also too enticing? What about v necks? What about skirts? Where does it stop? The list can go on and on.

Here is a wild and crazy idea: Why don’t we propose that men control their thoughts and actions instead of women always having to play around it?

Apparently it is too hard for her husband to go to the store and look at all the sexy women of the world wearing leggings and constrain his thoughts.

Leggings are not the problem with the objectification of women in our society. Leggings are not the problem if a woman happens to be sexually assaulted or harassed.  It is not a woman’s responsibility to dress up or down for the comfort of men so they can be at ease when a female happens to walk by them.

Here’s the thing, men are visually stimulated and will look at women no matter what they are wearing. Most articles of clothing show off your body. If it doesn’t show the silhouette of your frame, then it doesn’t fit correctly and you need to redo your entire wardrobe.

I can’t stop wearing jeans just because it “may” show off my butt or stop wearing a shirt because someone else deemed it too tight for their comfort. And refusing to wear leggings isn’t going to stop “enticing” men.

Telling girls to cover up for the simple fact that guys might look at them only reinforces the idea that a woman’s body is a sexual object to be for the amusement of men and it is somehow her fault if guys desire her.

I’m studying fashion and this somehow always crops up with every decade.

“Oh she is showing her ankles, what a floozy!”

“She did not even bother to wear a corset! Scarlet woman!”

“Bae, she is wearing leggings. Dats a hoe.”

I’ve read some people saying, “Oh but what about self respect?! Women need to respect themselves and not show it off!”

You find value and respect in actually getting to know a person instead of demanding it by how they dress.

Every single outfit I wear I respect myself in. Whatever article of clothing I put on my body doesn’t diminish my self-respect or worth.

And for another thing, my idea of self respect may be completely different than another person.

For example: One time I went to a Mennonite church (I got invited, long story) anyways, while I was getting dressed and deciding what I should wear to this church since I am obviously not a Mennonite, the thought came across my head that I should probably wear something really conservative and plain. But then I thought, “Ah, screw that. That’s not who I am” So I wore bright red pants, combat boots, with a leather jacket that had spikes on the collar.

(The looks I got entering the church were quite humorous)

The women there obviously wore super long dresses covered up to their necks, long hair tied into a simple bun, with no makeup. They even considered plucking their eyebrows or waxing their lips to be “vain” and definitely more than one woman had a slight mustache.

Point being, their version of self respect is COMPLETELY different than my version. They probably thought I was crazy with my bright red lipstick and purple finger nail polish. Especially since I told them I was in college and Mennonite women don’t expand their education past the 8th grade.

I completely respected myself in that outfit. I had no problems with it and would do it again if I had to.

You can’t tell me that what I wear equals that I have no respect for myself.

You can’t tell me that I should cover myself up on the off chance a guy might look at me.

You can’t tell me that what I wear is only for show.

This is also enforcing the crazy idea a lot of people have that women only get dressed up to show off for guys.

I am a 21 year old woman in college. I’m paying for it myself. I put gas in my own car and I buy my own clothes and whatever else I want.

Do not tell me that I get up in the morning only to get dressed for people who don’t even know how much a decent bra costs or the difference between navy and black.

I know she stated in the beginning how she wasn’t trying to enforce anyone to follow her lead or try to tell people what to wear, but then again she made a whole blog post about it and it’s all over the internet.

So here’s my reply:

Screw that type of misogynist way of thinking. You don’t have to wear leggings ever again. But I will. And I’ll wear whatever the hell I want, anywhere I want, even if wandering eyed males happen to be in the same building, same town, same universe.

Because I don’t get dressed for them or for anyone else but myself and I don’t really care what people think.

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Fall Evenings

photo(47) photo(46) photo(49) photo(45) photo(48)

  • White blazer: Lauren Conrad
  • Denim shirt: Tony Hawk
  • Orange pants: T.J. Maxx

This outfit ended up being an accident because I couldn’t find the shirt I really wanted to wear but I put this together and actually liked it better than what I originally thought of. The denim shirt is a guys shirt I bought for myself because I couldn’t find one I liked in the women’s section (which became obvious when it had a hard time snapping over my chest haha clearly not made for a woman’s body but oh well)

I took these pictures during the sun set and it was freezing! November is weird because it’s at the awkward stage between it being nice outside and incredibly awful. But at least we get to celebrate with extra food at the end of the whole thing so that’s nice. I have so much work to do with final projects and everything, I probably won’t get much of a Thanksgiving break at all. Oh well, homework is always better if you can eat turkey with it right?

This week has been interesting. I had to make a commercial for one of my classes and what an experience that was. I can sympathize maybe a little bit more with people actually in show biz because I see what a hassle everything is. Granted, we shot it with our iPhones and had no professionals helping, but there’s a lot of work that goes into all this. You need good lighting, microphones, a script, decent actors, and someone to shoot the whole thing plus edit it.

So obviously we had none of that and just winged everything haha. I just saw somewhat of the final version and while it’s incredibly cheesy with our over-the-top acting, I’m actually pretty happy with the whole thing. I definitely don’t see acting anywhere in my future though lol

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Fashion In The Woods

photo(39) photo(40) photo(41) photo(42) photo(43) photo(44)

  • Denim jacket: Liz Claiborne
  • Red pants: Vera Wang
  • Tulle scarf: Material from my prom dress

So you may have noticed I changed my website’s look a little. I hope it doesn’t bother anyone, I’ve been trying to make it look more interesting. I may still play around a bit more later. Change is good right?

Anyways, I’ve been busy making tons of mood boards and had to draw 48 flats of my own designs. I haven’t even been to bed yet! Since I’ve been so busy working and working on school, I feel bad that I haven’t been able to dedicate more time to my blog as I would like. But I get to design my own scarf this week and have it actually made to wear! That will be some fun school work that I’m excited about for once!

So I went exploring yesterday to take a break from all this homework and other things, only to find this small hidden pond and a red bridge near the woods. I didn’t know this spot was even here on campus, it was a rather cool little find. And there were three big hot air balloons floating around somewhere in the distance, so I snapped a few pictures of those. I would love to go on a hot air balloon ride, I’ve never really been on one. Where is all the cool stuff to do in Ohio when you want it?

Oh well, college has been keeping me busy and it’s only two months away from the entire year being over with! 2014 has been a roller coaster and I’m kinda looking forward to this semester ending. Morning classes are the death of me 😛

But I still have days ahead before I say goodbye to these classes and hello to some new ones.

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Crop Top Fever





  • Crop Top and High waisted pants: Charlotte Russe
  • Black knit hat: Forever 21
  • Wedge boots: Apostrophe

Who said you could only wear crop tops if it’s warm outside and if you have a super flat stomach? Obviously, I ignored both of those “rules” and just wore what I wanted. Crop tops are actually a lot of fun, I’ve made so many different outfits mixing and matching with them. Sometimes it’s really easy to feel self conscious when you don’t have the perfect body that people claim you have to have to wear certain stuff. But I believe in wearing what you want regardless of your style or what people say. If it makes you happy, then why should it bother anyone else? And that’s what Zipporah Rivière is all about!

I wore this to class paired with a leather jacket and I got a few stares, not sure if it was good or bad but I found I really didn’t care that much. I love this outfit because it’s fun and kind of edgy, which is more than the people who still show up to class in their pajamas can say. haha 😛

Do you guys feel self conscious about your outfits sometimes or do you not care at all? 🙂

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