Outfit Detailing

Ciao fashion lovers!

I have enrolled back into school, I got accepted into Parsons Design school! I am only doing online classes since I can’t go to New York at the moment. However, I am glad to be learning even more about fashion and getting a different perspective than from Kent. I already have gotten ideas to design and I can’t wait to make my professional portfolio!

That being said, here are some of my outfits that I styled together to fit within some of themes I learned about in class this past week. Some of them where the history of white dresses, funky sportswear, French stripes, and casual business wear.

This white dress I got from Lauren Conrad and a denim jacket I thrifted is perfect together to add a hint of casualness to such a long pretty dress. I love wearing it to work or out of town!

(Okay before anyone laughs, you all know that sports are not my thing lol) That being said I actually really like this outfit. I love my sequin bottoms with my mermaid tennis shoes from Akira to add a bit of color. My bralette works with my light weight jacket which makes it easy to work out or go for a run.

I love these striped pants! I added my leather jacket I got from Charlotte Russe and my favorite shirt to add some fun graphic detailing to separate it from the pants. It also adds some needed color when my pants and jacket are all black.

And finally I think you can never go wrong with a pair of kitten heels and a black blazer. You could easily dress this up with a pencil skirt for work if you had to or I chose to pair it with my favorite Ann Taylor jeans which gives it a bit of personal flair.

I am having so much fun learning about history of fashion and exploring more into designing and creativity! I can’t wait to see where Parsons may take me next!



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