Salem Thunderbird Witch


I went to Salem, Massachusetts for the first time and it was very magical! It was my first time in the New England area which was full of history. It amazes me that this area was around in the 1600’s even before the Revolutionary War! It is basically the oldest part within our country! (besides the Native American history obviously)

There was the House of Seven Gables which inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne for his many books, Ye Olde Pepper Comanie Candies which is the oldest candy store in the entire US! I saw the Witch House where the trails were done and the haunted cemetery where the poor people ended up being buried. I also got to the see the Samantha statue from Bewitched! I remember watching that show with my mom growing up. I didn’t think there would be a statue of her in Salem, it cracked me up!

There were also lots of fun little shoppes and cafes where you can buy Ouija Boards, wands, and spell books. I ended up just buying a witch ball which I can hang in my future apartment! I also found this cool necklace about the date I was born on (26th) but I don’t really think it fits me. I wouldn’t say I’m a leader or very practical, but whatever it was just for fun.

The food there was soooooo good. I tried New England clam chowder (not pictured) but I wish it was, I didn’t even stop to take a picture of it because it was eaten so fast lol. I also got calamari which was so fresh, they still had the tentacles on! I wish I could’ve tried a lobster roll, because I know that is another famous dish in the New England area, but it was a bit expensive. Maybe another time when I’m not in college!

Salem was lots of fun, very crowded around Halloween though. I wasn’t even trying to go on Halloween, it just ended up being a free weekend that time. So if anyone cares for my advise, I would go another time. The lines were so ridiculous and it was very cold to be out on a October night. But oh well, another place crossed off my list! More adventures soon!


P.S. Is anyone a HUGE Harry Potter fan like me? Did you read the new stories on the American witchcraft and wizardry school by JK Rowling? I got sorted into Thunderbird! I think I fit very well into that house! Plus the school is in Salem! So whoooo! Didn’t see it though, guess I’m a No-Maj 😦  Can’t wait for the new movie to come out soon!


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