Last semester, Last season

Guys, I have been MIA on the blog but only because life has been pretty crazy. I’m going to try to keep it more updated. I do actually want to do better, I enjoy writing on this and providing an outlet for my passions. I am graduating in December (hopefully if I can pass all my classes lol) and I’m applying for jobs. Its hard when you know everyone else is competing with you or people who had a more successful internship than I did. Nordstrom was a great place and I learned a lot but Washington D.C. is not my calling I guess.

However I have the rest of the world to try out and I actually applied for a job in Paris! I doubt I will get that since I am sure they want to hire people who actually live in the area first. Especially since I would need a work visa and all that other mess to move to a different country. But it doesn’t hurt to apply and keep trying. I’m open to all possibilities.

It is kind of scary how this is my last semester of school. Not about finding a job, but the fact that this is all I’ve done my whole life. I went to Kindergarten when I was 4 and I’ve been doing it every year of my life since then. I just turned 23 and I think to myself “What am I supposed to do now?”. Sure, I’ve had jobs before in the summer just saving money for college but it’s weird to think that’s pretty much all I’ll ever do now. Just work. No homework, no taking fun classes, or learning new things, or buying fresh notebooks to write your projects in, or grabbing coffee after class with your friends because the cafe is right there, or finding a cute book-bag for your schoolwork. It is weird to think that this season or chapter of my life is now over with. Or at least will be in 2 months.

I got plenty of new things to look forward to I guess, like my first apartment or my first promotion or cooking thanksgiving dinner by myself (which will probably just be a T.V. dinner if I’m honest lol). Its new things to adjust to! Good thing I love to try new things! Just like my new oil slick hair or tattoo or when I tried to make clothes for a store and it actually sold! My dress I MADE is sold in stores! Whoooo! I have decided that I’m wearing it for my graduation! I just gotta make my graduation cap. Its trendy to decorate it now? What design should I even do?? Decisions, decisions!

I’ll write more, thanks for whoever is still sticking around!



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