Nordstrom Internship!


So I am back in the states and I got an internship at Nordstrom in the D.C. area! I have been to Washington D.C. six times already but I have never lived here! Already I’m getting used to the traffic, so much different than driving through Ohio. Plus only being in America for three weeks on top of jet lag, unpacking and repacking, business outfits, and getting everything ready for an entirely different area!

I enjoy being back in America, things make a bit more sense although I do miss living in Italy. I’m glad I got the opportunity to live in Europe and be around all the beautiful cities. It hurt my wallet but I don’t regret anything, except for ordering tuna fish pizza one time while I was there. That was a very bad mistake.

I’m graduating in December this year and I was informed last year that I wouldn’t be allowed to graduate unless I got an internship this summer. So as inconvenient as it was that I was in an entirely different country  for the last five months, I still applied to so many places dealing with the different time zones and Skype interviews. I heard back from a few but I decided that Nordstrom was the best fit for me. Unfortunately, it is in an entirely different state than Ohio so that meant that I had to move almost as soon as I got back to America.

But I did it, repacked my bags from Italy and put them right back in the car and drove 9 hours to my new housing area. I started my internship Wednesday and I like it a lot so far. The people are nice and I think this will prove to open opportunities for me, especially after I graduate. Fashion is a busy world, I’m just trying to keep up with it!

More adventures ahead!




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