Springfest in Munich, Germany was a good experience to have. I didn’t really mean to plan two trips to Germany and at first I thought a lot about maybe cancelling it. But I’m actually really glad I went, it was a very different experience from my first trip to Germany in Berlin. Berlin is the capital of Germany and it had a very city like feel to it with the history of the Berlin Wall and the Nazi main Führer headquarters. But Munich held a much more different history of being one of the first concentration camps to be built. I debated on even posting the pictures of the camp site because I felt a strong contradiction towards the other fun parts of the weekend I did. But I thought it wouldn’t be good to ignore it either. So I decided to include everything I did and I don’t intend to offend anyone by posting the history I saw.

Springfest is just the same as Oktoberfest except obviously not in October and is in the spring instead. Which as all the German locals told me, Springfest is better than Oktoberfest because everyone and their dog comes to Oktoberfest and its so crowded and overwhelming. I had a such a fun time drinking a stein of beer and dressing up in a dirndl while eating German food! I got currywurst, doughnut cone, and schlosspfanne which were all very delicious. German food definitely fills you up!

I also went to Neuschanstein castle which as everyone knows Walt Disney modeled Sleeping Beauty after it and you can tell where Disney got a lot of his inspiration from. All the way from the bed chambers, staircase, throne room, it was very beautiful to look at. I loved the ride to the castle too, it was almost in the middle of nowhere through the woods and mountains and then out popped a gorgeous castle just like in all the fairy tale books. I wish America had history like that, super old castles and mountains that seem to be bursting with secrets.

I am glad I ended up going on this trip, I would have hated to miss out on everything I saw and some of the things I did. Europe is such an enchanting place, I will definitely hate leaving this place. Which unfortunately is coming up soon. Noooooo

I still have some adventures left before I leave though!



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