London’s calling


London is calling! I had so much fun in England, I wish I could’ve stayed longer. There was so much to see and do I will definitely have to come back one day. Of course if anyone knows me they know I’m a HUGE HUGE Harry Potter fan. One can not simply go to England and not see Harry Potter references. The first thing I did after I booked a flight to London was buy Harry Potter tickets. I didn’t even book a place to stay as that wasn’t as important to me!! I would’ve slept in a box if I had to lol

Luckily for me the day I went was the same day that Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone was released so everyone was having a big party and had extra sets out for this anniversary. I was so happy and excited, I have a million more photos of this occasion but I figured I would spare everyone the job of looking through all of it. I tried butterbeer which is the most amazing thing I have probably ever drank. Why does it not exist all the time???

I did see other things besides Harry Potter though! I went to the Tower of London and had a scoop of iced strawberry clotted cream. I wasn’t sure what clotted cream was but it sounded very British so that’s mainly why I got it. It was good, tasted like a creamier version of a strawberry ice cream cone. I also did a tour at night of Jack the Ripper and all the haunted experiences near the Tower of London. It was extremely cool to experience.

I had to try the traditional English breakfast which is eggs, sausage, mushrooms, “bacon”, toast, and baked beans. The baked beans threw me off, it was very strange to eat for breakfast. In America, baked beans are usually only eaten during a summer cookout barbecue with cheeseburgers, hotdogs, macaroni salad, and baked beans. You would never ever eat it for breakfast. But it tasted pretty good! I might go home and shock everyone one morning by opening a can of beans lol And I’m just going to say it, stereotypical American or not, that is not real bacon lol it tasted more like ham.

Food in England was awesome! I wasn’t expecting much since everyone says bad things about it but I didn’t think it was as bland as everyone complains about. I suppose it’s probably people who live off amazing French cuisine and bump up one country ahead and are shocked by the difference. Who knows.

London was amazing! Seeing the changing of the guards which I’ve only ever seen in America was so cool. I liked their fuzzy black hats, it was intense! I definitely can’t wait to have the excuse to run off to England again! Hopefully I can see all the stuff I missed.

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