Spring Break!

Spring break was so much fun, I traveled to Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Austria. It was super intense fitting everything into one week and three days but I managed to get it all done!

Growing up I was obsessed with The Cheetah Girls and I always told myself I would go to Barcelona like they did in their second movie! And I actually got to do it! I even sat where they sat when they sang “Strut”. It was embarrassingly exciting lol Also Spanish food was so good. I had paellas and fried rice chicken rolls which I could have easily eaten all day. Sagrada Familia was crazy beautiful, I’ll just have to come back in 10 years when it is finished! Then we saw a water show, which was supposed to be modeled after Disney’s World of Color. I’m glad I got to see it, it was very cool.

Paris, Paris, Paris ❤ city after my own heart if it wasn’t already taken by New York City. Paris was the number one place I knew I just had to see. I even got kind of emotional when I turned the corner and saw the Eiffel Tower shining at me like a stand of sparklers and starry crystals shimmering brightly. Maybe its cliche to say but I don’t care, I’ve wanted to go to Paris ever since I was young enough to understand a map. I even remember staying in Washington DC for thanksgiving when I was in 10th grade at my aunts house and I had the Eiffel Tower as my computer screen saver I found online. My aunts sister came over to me and looked at my computer and we started talking and I said that I hoped I could go to Paris one day and I remember her telling me that she believed I would and me just smiling politely thinking that going to Paris was such a big dream that it was almost unattainable. But I actually did it! High five for 10th grade me! Hot flaky croissants, delicious garlic escargot, Parisian cappuccinos, and chocolate raspberry macaroons from Ladurée, I was simply in heaven. I stood at the very tippy top of the Eiffel Tower and looked over France and I somehow knew that I made it. Even if I am just a college student, even if I am just some girl from the US with big dreams, I knew in that moment I had accomplished something. I won’t ever forget that feeling.

I then left Paris (very unwillingly, I might add) to head off to Amsterdam! Amsterdam was cooler than I thought it was going to be, I went to Vincent Van Gogh museum and toured through his amazing paintings. Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists so it was really cool to see his work in person. He has such a characteristic way of painting, he put all my artwork to shame. (not that I ever thought I could compare to him, but it was a definite reminder when I saw his work lol) I also took a tour of The Red Light District which I definitely did not think I would like but I was wrong again lol it opened my eyes to sex workers and how legalizing it not only got rid of sex trafficking but also gets rid of pimps because the girls make their own money and keep it all to themselves. It kind of reminded me of the argument people make in the US towards things like abortion where some people are convinced that if it was illegal than all acts would stop. But it really just makes it unsafe because then you get black market/ back alley situations of people doing it in secret. But that is an entirely different topic post! lol on a more somber level, I went to Anne Frank’s house and was touched by her family’s bravery and perseverance. Seeing the actual bookshelf that hid her family and two others for two years, the markings on the wall of how much the children grew, and the huge yellow star that they were forced to wear was such a humbling experience. I am so glad I got up at 5 in the morning (although it didn’t open till 9) to wait in line to see it. It was worth every second.

Berlin was good too! Got to see where Hitler died and was burned, went to the Berlin Wall (obviously), I also went to a haunted house, and ate lots of schnitzel with noodles and pretzels! I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in Germany so I am going back for Springfest and hopefully will get to buy a dirndl! They look pretty and traditional!

Austria was also a quick stop, long enough to eat an apple strudel and see how the hills were alive with the sound of music. It was such a exhausting week, but I am glad I was lucky enough to experience traveling western Europe, I don’t want to take anything for granted.

More adventures ahead! Stay tuned! -Z



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