When in Rome…

Rome was AMAZING. If anything go to this place. Everything is so good and historical, everything I looked at felt like it was important! I met with fashion designers such as Fondazione Micol Fontana and talked about materials, sketches, inspiration, and craftsmanship. It felt so cool talking to someone who spent their whole life doing fashion. Its such an inspiration to see people doing what they love to do as a living. It makes me feel that it is possible to pursue a career in fashion. I’m so determined to make a career out of this, I know so many people who judged me for getting this degree, who told me it was stupid and I would be jobless. Looking at other people doing it and talking to them, I know that it is possible and I can do it if I keep working hard.

I also went to Cinecittà which is like Italy’s Hollywood. They make famous movies there like Ben Hur, Cleopatra, and Spaghetti Western movies with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. I also went to the Sistine Chapel and saw Michelangelo’s famous paintings, and the church was cool because it was the year of the Jubilee which means every 15 years you can walk through the church doors and God will forgive you of your sins. I felt really lucky to witness that even if I don’t quite believe in it. Of course I went to the Colosseum and saw so many Roman ruins. I ate carbonara pasta, which is a specialty in Rome. It’s kind of like a cheesy, bacon, egg pasta. It tasted like breakfast. Which I miss American food sometimes being over here for almost half a year.

My next trip was spring break which I will post about later. So many places, so many pictures! Have to sort through them all!


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