Siena, Milan, Como

Siena, Italy was extremely beautiful, we left Florence to check out this old city. It was built before the Black Plague and a lot of things were affected by it (obviously). They had buildings that were never built, just left forgotten in the streets. They also have this horse race in the city center which

is what Siena is famous for. Also Siena had one of the most beautiful churches that I’ve seen so far in Italy. Pink marble and black strips with decorative floors. Couldn’t believe that was made hundreds and hundreds years ago.

We also went to Milan during Fashion Week which was amazing, although we didn’t get to go to any shows exactly we did see Giorgio Armani’s collection and Prada’s. Milan had such a more modern look to it than what I’ve been used to in Florence. I missed skyscrapers that you see in the city back at home! Milan was a good place to visit. Also Milan had some of the best gelato than any other place I’ve had so far.

Como was also beautiful, we saw the gorgeous lake that apparently lots of American celebrities have summer houses at such as George Clooney! We didn’t see him but we did see a fabric factory which showed how materials for Louis Vuitton and Gucci were made and we saw Fondazoine Antonio Ratti and saw how they make textiles for extremely detailed fabrics.

It was all super interesting to see the other side of the fashion industry. We all know the glamour side, but it is important to know the other side too. How is it made, who makes it, how much does it cost, is it a good investment for the company to produce here, things like that.

I’m so happy I chose to study abroad and have this amazing opportunity to learn about the fashion industry that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.



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  1. The architecture is amazing!

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