Italian adventures!

I’m on a different continent! After a very long flight from Detroit to Amsterdam to Florence, I finally made it to Florence, Italy! I’ve been here since Christmas and I don’t leave till the summer. So far I’ve been adapting to all the different things! I’ve never been out of the country before so this is all new to me. First off, Italy is so beautiful-I’m sure if I have ever been to a place where you constantly want to take photographs of every single thing. Studying fashion is such a breath of fresh air, I’m so happy I’m here learning even more about my industry every day.

The weird things in Italy so far:

  1. No ice in drinks. Everything is room temperature which is weird
  2. The tips are kind of weird because it included in the ticket
  3. They stand when they drink coffee and they only drink cappuccinos in the morning
  4. Speaking of coffee, ordering a drink to go is not common
  5. They take three hour lunch breaks and close at nine
  6. They eat dinner very late
  7. Driving here is crazy. I bet American police would love working here because it would be tickets almost every five second
  8. They don’t have lots of salad dressing if any. (I haven’t found any yet) they just eat olive oil on EVERYTHING. I only use olive oil back at home to cook something
  9. The bread that comes with your meal is NOT free like it is back at home
  10. Refills on your drinks are not free either. How aren’t Italians thirsty all the time?
  11. Water actually costs money
  12. Speaking of which, there are no water fountains to drink from
  13. They think the second floor is really the first floor and the first floor is the ground floor! When I read I had a class on the first floor, it took me forever to find it! haha

I love Italy so much though! It is so beautiful and I won’t ever want to come home! Unless I am coming home for the free refills and bread haha

Always of course you can follow more of my European adventure on my Instagram halley_riviere26 or my Snapchat daily_halley!! You can see more detailed of this crazy experience, like where I accidentally ordered tuna pizza instead of sausage. That was a huge mistake!! And it tasted like cat food. But oh well, I’m still learning how to speak Italian!

Ciao for now,



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