Boho Summer Sunsets

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Navy Blue Dress/Vera Wang  Black chained Hat/Forever 21  Sunglasses/Charlotte Russe Patched Bookbag/Mudd

Hello my fashionistas! This has been a whirlwind of a year!! I had to take a break from blogging from a crazy final semester and then I have been working all summer at DSW! It’s actually such a great job, I’ve learned a lot and I get to spend a majority of my time with beautiful designer shoes. What could possibly be better? Of course, I might have been spending my pay checks buying shoes instead of saving money like the plan was, but as a Fashion major I’m none too surprised at my weak impulses around shoes! 😛

Like I said, I’ve been busy and I have two exciting things to share! One and more importantly for those who follow my blog and social media sites, I have been accepted into an internship! It is by “CollegeFashionista” and I will be writing articles and they will be publishing them on their website! It is a very cool opportunity and a great thing to gain experience from. I’m not quite sure if it will count as college credit because I do actually have to get a college credit internship before I graduate. However, even if this internship doesn’t count, I think it will still be good to do.

In other exciting news, I may be possibly studying abroad in Europe next year! After my internship is over, I will hopefully travel overseas and experience other parts of the world! Of course the process is complicated and I’m not entirely sure if all the chips will fall where they need to be to go. But if I’m lucky enough to move all the way to Europe and live there for a couple months, it’ll be such an amazing opportunity. So cross your fingers that all goes well!

Summer is coming to a close! Can you believe that? I feel like summer just began! It seems like just a few weeks ago I was stressing about my spring final exams and wondering if I could even get a summer job. Luckily all those turned out good, I even got all A’s and B’s!

I love this bohemian dress designed by Vera Wang. It is such a beautiful print with a slit down the middle, it is probably one of my new favorite things in my closet! I’ll be sad when it starts getting cold outside and I will have to retire it till next year. Oh well! Things are happening; I just hope I can keep up with everything!

Stay tuned!

Love, Zipporah

@pictures are part of CollegeFashionista internship


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