Leggings are not the problem

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted…


Anyways, I have seen the “Why I choose to no longer wear leggings” blog and you may have seen it floating around the internet as well. And while I don’t want to come across as judgmental, I’m going to throw in my two cents. Since it’s vaguely connected to fashion and whatever have you.

Personally, I think it’s stupid.

This lady talks about no longer wearing an article of clothing because it will “entice” men and her “Christian” ways have made her see the light and the harm it does to men.

Oh poor men. They have to look at women in yoga pants and leggings. The horror.

I like how she went on this whole spiel about not wanting to entice men with leggings but in her photos she has on skinny jeans, makeup, and nice curled hair. Are those not also used to be enticing? I mean, what about those skinny jeans? Those are usually always tight. Jeggings? And if you go there, what about swim suits? Are those also too enticing? What about v necks? What about skirts? Where does it stop? The list can go on and on.

Here is a wild and crazy idea: Why don’t we propose that men control their thoughts and actions instead of women always having to play around it?

Apparently it is too hard for her husband to go to the store and look at all the sexy women of the world wearing leggings and constrain his thoughts.

Leggings are not the problem with the objectification of women in our society. Leggings are not the problem if a woman happens to be sexually assaulted or harassed.  It is not a woman’s responsibility to dress up or down for the comfort of men so they can be at ease when a female happens to walk by them.

Here’s the thing, men are visually stimulated and will look at women no matter what they are wearing. Most articles of clothing show off your body. If it doesn’t show the silhouette of your frame, then it doesn’t fit correctly and you need to redo your entire wardrobe.

I can’t stop wearing jeans just because it “may” show off my butt or stop wearing a shirt because someone else deemed it too tight for their comfort. And refusing to wear leggings isn’t going to stop “enticing” men.

Telling girls to cover up for the simple fact that guys might look at them only reinforces the idea that a woman’s body is a sexual object to be for the amusement of men and it is somehow her fault if guys desire her.

I’m studying fashion and this somehow always crops up with every decade.

“Oh she is showing her ankles, what a floozy!”

“She did not even bother to wear a corset! Scarlet woman!”

“Bae, she is wearing leggings. Dats a hoe.”

I’ve read some people saying, “Oh but what about self respect?! Women need to respect themselves and not show it off!”

You find value and respect in actually getting to know a person instead of demanding it by how they dress.

Every single outfit I wear I respect myself in. Whatever article of clothing I put on my body doesn’t diminish my self-respect or worth.

And for another thing, my idea of self respect may be completely different than another person.

For example: One time I went to a Mennonite church (I got invited, long story) anyways, while I was getting dressed and deciding what I should wear to this church since I am obviously not a Mennonite, the thought came across my head that I should probably wear something really conservative and plain. But then I thought, “Ah, screw that. That’s not who I am” So I wore bright red pants, combat boots, with a leather jacket that had spikes on the collar.

(The looks I got entering the church were quite humorous)

The women there obviously wore super long dresses covered up to their necks, long hair tied into a simple bun, with no makeup. They even considered plucking their eyebrows or waxing their lips to be “vain” and definitely more than one woman had a slight mustache.

Point being, their version of self respect is COMPLETELY different than my version. They probably thought I was crazy with my bright red lipstick and purple finger nail polish. Especially since I told them I was in college and Mennonite women don’t expand their education past the 8th grade.

I completely respected myself in that outfit. I had no problems with it and would do it again if I had to.

You can’t tell me that what I wear equals that I have no respect for myself.

You can’t tell me that I should cover myself up on the off chance a guy might look at me.

You can’t tell me that what I wear is only for show.

This is also enforcing the crazy idea a lot of people have that women only get dressed up to show off for guys.

I am a 21 year old woman in college. I’m paying for it myself. I put gas in my own car and I buy my own clothes and whatever else I want.

Do not tell me that I get up in the morning only to get dressed for people who don’t even know how much a decent bra costs or the difference between navy and black.

I know she stated in the beginning how she wasn’t trying to enforce anyone to follow her lead or try to tell people what to wear, but then again she made a whole blog post about it and it’s all over the internet.

So here’s my reply:

Screw that type of misogynist way of thinking. You don’t have to wear leggings ever again. But I will. And I’ll wear whatever the hell I want, anywhere I want, even if wandering eyed males happen to be in the same building, same town, same universe.

Because I don’t get dressed for them or for anyone else but myself and I don’t really care what people think.


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