Fall Evenings

photo(47) photo(46) photo(49) photo(45) photo(48)

  • White blazer: Lauren Conrad
  • Denim shirt: Tony Hawk
  • Orange pants: T.J. Maxx

This outfit ended up being an accident because I couldn’t find the shirt I really wanted to wear but I put this together and actually liked it better than what I originally thought of. The denim shirt is a guys shirt I bought for myself because I couldn’t find one I liked in the women’s section (which became obvious when it had a hard time snapping over my chest haha clearly not made for a woman’s body but oh well)

I took these pictures during the sun set and it was freezing! November is weird because it’s at the awkward stage between it being nice outside and incredibly awful. But at least we get to celebrate with extra food at the end of the whole thing so that’s nice. I have so much work to do with final projects and everything, I probably won’t get much of a Thanksgiving break at all. Oh well, homework is always better if you can eat turkey with it right?

This week has been interesting. I had to make a commercial for one of my classes and what an experience that was. I can sympathize maybe a little bit more with people actually in show biz because I see what a hassle everything is. Granted, we shot it with our iPhones and had no professionals helping, but there’s a lot of work that goes into all this. You need good lighting, microphones, a script, decent actors, and someone to shoot the whole thing plus edit it.

So obviously we had none of that and just winged everything haha. I just saw somewhat of the final version and while it’s incredibly cheesy with our over-the-top acting, I’m actually pretty happy with the whole thing. I definitely don’t see acting anywhere in my future though lol


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