Crop Top Fever





  • Crop Top and High waisted pants: Charlotte Russe
  • Black knit hat: Forever 21
  • Wedge boots: Apostrophe

Who said you could only wear crop tops if it’s warm outside and if you have a super flat stomach? Obviously, I ignored both of those “rules” and just wore what I wanted. Crop tops are actually a lot of fun, I’ve made so many different outfits mixing and matching with them. Sometimes it’s really easy to feel self conscious when you don’t have the perfect body that people claim you have to have to wear certain stuff. But I believe in wearing what you want regardless of your style or what people say. If it makes you happy, then why should it bother anyone else? And that’s what Zipporah Rivière is all about!

I wore this to class paired with a leather jacket and I got a few stares, not sure if it was good or bad but I found I really didn’t care that much. I love this outfit because it’s fun and kind of edgy, which is more than the people who still show up to class in their pajamas can say. haha 😛

Do you guys feel self conscious about your outfits sometimes or do you not care at all? 🙂


About Zipporah

My fashion blog. I'm passionate about all things art and soul.
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2 Responses to Crop Top Fever

  1. iamfernanda says:

    love the look!! ❤

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