Simple Essentials

photo(30) photo(31) photo(33) photo(32)

  • White button up shirt: Thrifted
  • High waisted shorts: Forever 21
  • Hat: David and Young

This is a fun look to wear and it was really easy to get ready for the day. My hat, Oxford shoes, and a pop of red lipstick really made a difference in such a simple outfit, which is cool because simple isn’t really my style. But I’ll admit it helps when you are busy running to class and sometimes you need something effortless to wear.

It was actually nice outside when I took these pictures, but I suspect that will change soon. September is almost over with and I’m already tired of seeing everything ‘pumpkin’ flavored. Is there really not another ‘fall’ flavor we can come up with? But I might just be saying that because Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are right next to the school’s Fashion building and that’s what is being advertised. (Plus all the girls who come to class with their pumpkin spice latte or whatever) However, I love coffee too so I won’t judge! You need it when you’re in college!



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