Sparkles and Ballet Buns

photo(14) photo(15) photo(17) photo(12) photo(13)

Jeweled Crop Top and Floral skirt: Charlotte Russe

Nude lipstick: Beauty Control

Bracelet: antique find

Summer is coming to an end and Fall is approaching! This means pulling out sweaters and combat boots, which is great because I just love wearing my combat boots with almost any outfit. But while its still warm out, I’m trying to get the most wear out of all my skirts and sleeveless tops before I have to put them away.

Fall also means going back to school and I just finished my first week being back at college! What a week! I have a 7:45 AM class and I don’t get out till 8:15 PM! I will definitely be busy this semester, but I’m excited to start all my new fashion classes. Majoring in fashion is challenging, learning the ins and outs of the industry and figuring out how to design on this new computer program that apparently is essential to this business. It’s always rather irritating when someone will tell me that my major must be really easy, as if I just look shoes and go shopping all day.

Oh well, not everyone will understand your goals in life so I try not to let those comments bother me. I have so much to accomplish this semester and I’m thrilled to be on the road to doing it!



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2 Responses to Sparkles and Ballet Buns

  1. Jess Nguyen says:


    I have to agree. Fashion requires you to be creative AND business savvy. The latter is much harder than you think.

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